Author: Dirk Laeremans

Poor Banks – Poor Funds

Poor banks, poor funds

Banks are not doing really great the last few years. Since 2008 they have been repairing their balance sheet and reorganising their activities. Lately the Deutsche bank has been suffering heavy share price losses. Large banks like ING has also been announcing large restructuring, shedding thousands of employees. The internet is affecting the banks strongly. If…

Manchester apartments Adelphi Wharf – Downtown living at Mediacity

Adelphin Wharf luxury flats near Mediacity

Manchester Manchester needs little introduction. The 2nd  of the UK is totally back, thanks to an enormous investment in city development. the city centre has become “cool” again, especially on the axis between the historical centre and Mediacity, the HQ of the BBC. Real Estate price increases of 6-9% have been higher then London and the…